Marijuana Vapes For Beginners

10 Best Marijuana Vapes for Beginners in Santa Monica

Vaping is one of the best ways to get the medicinal benefits of marijuana in its purest form, and because you are inhaling oil fumes instead of heavy smoke, it is much healthier for you than joints, pipes, or bongs. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular. This concentrated form of cannabis is triple distilled from the highest quality marijuana in Santa Monica, consistently producing premium medical-grade.

If you want to start vaping, here are the 10 best vapes for beginners in Santa Monica:

1. Delta Amber

Delta Amber is a triple-distilled cannabis oil cartridge for e-pen vaporizers. It contains 72 percent THC in a single gram, making it among the purest cartridges found anywhere in the world. The distilling technology used is the very latest, and this oil originates from various hybrid strains of marijuana. Delta Amber’s cartridges fit snugly into all standard e-pens.

2. Hi Tone Sativa

The purity of clear cannabis oil is giving vaping credibility among users. Hi Tone’s Sativa oil cartridges have more than 80 percent THC in them and have been through triple distillation and CO2 extraction. Designed to fit most e-pen vaporizers, Hi Tone’s Sativa blend makes for a killer high. You will feel energized, sociable, creative, focused, and simply euphoric. This vape is ideal for daytime use at work.

3. Hi Tone Indica

Another triple distilled, pure-as-can-be product from Hi Tone, these indica oil cartridges are immensely popular. Unlike sativa, indica will make you feel sleepy and unmovably relaxed. These vapes are better suited to evening use, just before bed, or on lazy days when there are no obligations to meet. THC levels are 80 percent, making this an extremely potent product.

4. Hi Tone Hybrid

The hybrid version of Hi Tone’s vaping cartridges also enjoy the triple distilling process and consistently test above 80 percent in THC. Because it uses concentrated oil from hybrid marijuana strains, users can expect the effect to be both physically relaxing and cerebrally euphoric. Hybrids are ideal for those looking for the combined effect of both sativa and indica genetics.

5. Koma OG Kush

Koma concentrates are 100 percent natural, extracted using the technologically advanced CO2/RSO system. This is an indica vape with a THC content of 72 percent and approximately 13 percent cannabinoids. Possibly the tastiest indica vape available, this derives from an OG Kush strain. This pain reliever and muscle relaxant treats arthritis, nausea, anxiety, and muscle spasms effectively.

6. Blue Dream

The Blue Dream vape cartridge has a 28 percent cannabinoid content with 72 percent THC. Extremely potent, you can choose from various flavors. Blue Dream effectively treats stress-related disorders, vomiting, muscle spasms, and other aches and pains. It is 80 percent sativa-dominant, providing the energetic, uplifting effects so sought after for daytime use.

7. OG Kush Oil

OG Kush oil cartridges have dominant indica genetics. Users will feel total body relaxation, but its sativa genes prevent you from falling asleep and give sufficient energy to complete your daily routine. You can add this oil directly to flowers or you can use it with most e-pens. This strain is an excellent choice for mental relief from worry, stress, and overthinking, and it can help with anxiety and depression too.

8. Up Co. Sativa

Up Co. makes marijuana oil cartridges from Green Crack derivatives. With only 10 percent indica, this hybrid strain is predominantly sativa, so it increases energy, focus, and motivation. THC levels can be as high as 52 percent, and purity from CO2 extraction and distillation is supreme. This vape is particularly good for treating pain, nausea, and fatigue.

9. Up Co. Indica

The indica version of the Up Co. oil cartridge range derives from Grand Daddy Purple, one of the most popular indica strains of all time. It is 75 percent indica-dominant, so you can use it during the evenings for total body relaxation and mental euphoria. This makes it an idea choice for anxiety sufferers, along with those needing to reduce stress levels. It is a pain reliever, muscle relaxant, and mood enhancer.

10. Up Co. Hybrid

Up Co.’s Hybrid cartridges fit most e-pens, and it uses hybrid strains high in THC. It is extremely potent and combines the effects of indica and sativa for a mellower high, which can last as long as three hours. It stimulates appetite, reduces pain, lowers stress, and improves mood. You will feel happy, relaxed, and uplifted after vaping this product, so you should be able to use it during the day.

Most cartridges fit easily into a standard e-pen vaporizer, but it is important to choose the right ones, particularly the strains used to extract the oil. Different strains give different effects, so choose those compatible with your tolerance and enjoyment levels. Research the strains most effective for treating your specific condition. Start by experimenting with these marijuana vapes for beginners.

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