5 Ways to Smoke Weed

When it comes to consuming marijuana, there are many ways to do it. In fact, after choosing the buds themselves, considering the method of delivery is the second-most crucial decision. People overlook the point too often, as is obvious by the many who limit their experiences to just one or two methods. If you are one of them and aspire to feel more, then this can be your checklist for smoking weed.

Obtaining the physical and mental benefits of marijuana relies heavily on how you consume it. Each method offers a unique experience and a myriad of different effects. There are three categories of consumption: namely inhaling it, swallowing it, or smearing it on your skin. They all have unique functions that are appropriate for a variety of circumstances. However, smoking is the most popular.

When you inhale marijuana, effects are almost immediate. This is ideal for anyone treating severe pain, where waiting the two hours for, say, edibles to kick in is extremely impractical. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, cannabidiol, or CBD, and other cannabinoids enter the lungs before absorbing directly into the bloodstream

Methods of Smoking Marijuana

You can either smoke or vaporize weed. Most people smoke it, but vaporizing is becoming increasingly mainstream. Either method comes with a myriad of ways to do it. However, advances in vaporizing technology offer smokers a healthier way to consume weed. Health professionals widely debate the effects of smoking pot, but all agree that avoiding the smoke is less risky and medically preferred.

Weed smokers have many choices when it comes to inhaling. They have many devices they can use at their disposal. Each promises a different experience to the others, and each influences both effects and the quality of the smoke inhaled. Always remember this when ordering a weed delivery service. If you need accessories to try a new method, order them at the same time.

1.      Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are available everywhere. They are likely the most common device for smoking available today. They are convenient and loved for their size, portability, and ease of use. Hand pipes have morphed into a form of artistic expression. You can find them in countless styles, colors, and functionality. They work by trapping smoke that burning weed produces, which you then inhale.

2.      Water Pipes

Water pipes come in all shapes, colors and sizes. You know them when you hear the names bongs, bubblers, and similar. You fill them with water, the health benefits of which remain a topic of much debate. The water acts as a coolant for the smoke, making it less irritating to the lungs. However, it remains uncertain if they act as effectively to filter out harmful chemicals and other contaminants.

3.      Hookahs

Hookahs are not as known as other smoking methods, since they mostly come out when people want to smoke shisha, or wet tobacco. Because water content is very low in a hookah, most folks sandwich cannabis between tobaccos. It burns quicker than you can generally inhale it, making it a bit wasteful when smoked alone. Hookahs are for sharing, since multiple people can hit them at the same time.

4.      Rolling Papers

Without doubt, joints and blunts are the most common method of smoking. Joints consist of cannabis rolled in paper, usually derived from hemp, bamboo, or rice pulp. You roll blunts into cigar paper, which is usually tobacco leaves. Rolling papers come in a variety of colors and resemble cigarettes once rolled. You can roll joints by hand or in a rolling machine, both of which are effective.

5.      Handmade Tools

You can get creative and making something yourself to smoke your weed in. Mostly, handmade devices are highly innovative and disposable. Homemade pipes are the most common because they are simple to make, but people are making water pipes too. Think carved apples, potatoes, and other organic materials. However, you can use glass or metal tubes lying around the house, imagination the only limit.

Understanding Vaporizers

Since you inhale vapors and not smoke, most people do not consider vaporizers a method of smoking. As such, they get their own dedicated section here. Vaping is popular for health conscious folks who prefer not to inhale burning plant matter. These devices heat herbs and oils to a temperature just hot enough to release cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, in vapors, but not enough to ignite them.

At its most basic, vaporizing reduces the health risks associated with smoking. Since there is no smoke, there is no odor either. There are many models, sizes, and shapes of vaporizers available on the market. As technology improves, this will only grow. Vaporizers are popular for their portability, health benefits, and ease of use. Some are not portable, however, and require a wall socket to function.

The type of weed you pack a vaporizer with makes all the difference. Some can take dry buds, but mostly, they are for smoking cannabis concentrates, such as oil and wax. You can either add these manually to the vaporizer or buy them in cartridges made to fit most vaporizers. Fewer vapes take flowers, since they require a heating element to work and, therefore, a more complex design.

Dabbing is the latest trend to hit the cannabis community. It is also a form of vaporization, in which you drop potent concentrates onto a heated nail. The vapor released traps inside a glass dome, which you then inhale. Although the health benefits of smoking concentrates are obvious in comparison to flowers, concern rises over the image of dabbing, the intensity of THC extracts, and the use of a butane torch.

Marijuana Delivery in California

The tools needed to accomplish any of these smoking methods are available abundantly online. Simply order a weed delivery service to have them arrive on your doorstep within 45 minutes. In California, delivery of marijuana is the most popular way to get premium-grade cannabis products. Just make sure to research the company first and check its online customer reviews.


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