Advantages to Vaporizing Cannabis

Biggest Advantages to Vaporizing Cannabis

If you grow tired of your old marijuana routine, you might want to consider kicking it up by giving vaporizing cannabis a try. Not only is vaporizing cannabis a great way to stay discreet, it is also perfect for traveling smokers. Like most things, vaporizing cannabis comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here is everything you need to know about vaporizing cannabis before hitting up your local marijuana dispensary.

What is vaporizing cannabis?

While the action of smoking vaporized cannabis is really easy, making it takes a certain level of science. You make this special vaporizing marijuana liquid by heating up dried out cannabis flower just under the burning point. Cannabis liquid is extracted by exposing the dry flower to extreme heat. Once the liquid is formed, it is then poured into vaporizing cannabis cartridges.
These cartridges are available at most marijuana dispensaries. Some vaporizing cannabis cartridges are refillable and some are one-time use only. Depending on what device you use, you use the coils in the vaporizer to slowly heat up the liquid and inhale. The end result is highly concentrated smokeless marijuana that leaves little smell which can be bothersome to people around you.

Why do people prefer to use vaporizing cannabis?

The main reason why people prefer to use vaporizing cannabis is that it is discreet. There are fewer restrictions on where you can use vaporizing cannabis. This is even true where recreational use of marijuana has been made legal. Restrictions were put in place that can stop you from lighting up wherever you want. Even public outdoor spaces like parks can be off limits.
That’s where vaporizing cannabis comes in handy. Once the coils are heated up, there will be enough heat to allow you to inhale the vapors. Unlike a traditional joint or pipe, vaporizing pens don’t have a foul smell that can give you away. You will also not be leaving a large puff of smoke behind you which is a sure giveaway. This means that you can easily sneak into the bathroom for a quick puff when in public without worrying about causing a disturbance. With vaporizing cannabis it has never been easier to get your high without bringing attention to yourself.

Is it different from dabbing cannabis?

It is important to know the difference between dabbing and vaporizing cannabis if you are planning on making a switch. Dabbing requires direct heat. When you are using dabbing as a smoking method, you need a small butane lighter. This is so you get a high amount of direct heat which is enough to melt the wax. While using vaporizing cannabis you only need a small amount of heat. This is done by pressing a button and letting the coils do the work for you. No lighters required when vaporizing cannabis!

Best of all, with vaporizing cannabis you have some serious traveling options. Traveling pens are the best way to get around while still being able to enjoy your cannabis. Just make sure that you follow proper travel guidelines if you are planning on traveling by plane. Your marijuana certification allows you to carry across state lines. It does not, however, allow you to travel out of the country. So stay safe and legal when planning a big trip.

Dabbing has a better smoke to high ratio because of the high levels of THC. Unfortunately, it isn’t very easy to travel with. They do, however, make smaller glass pipes for the traveling dabber. While there are ways to travel with your wax, vaporizing cannabis is much easier. There are even some personal vaporizers that are concealed as other products. Pipes that look like tubes of lipstick or even soda cans keep you under the radar.

If you are interested in the convenience of vaporizing cannabis but still want the same high that you get from dabbing, consider doing both. Primarily stick with using a vaporizer when you are out during the day or during a big trip. If you have no plans today, kick back with a nice dab. There is no rule that says you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds.

Final Thoughts

Having something really cool like vaporizing cannabis will make you wonder what they will come up with next. There are constantly new ways to privately enjoy your cannabis while also being aware of the people around you. Next time you hit up the dispensary in Santa Monica, give one of the vaporizing cannabis cartridges a try. You will not be disappointed.

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