Cannabis And Schizophrenia

Cannabis Could Be Effective to Treat Schizophrenia

The Benefits of Cannabis

The list of cannabis benefits are endless, and there is much scientific evidence to back it up. Among other things, cannabis consumption is good for epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, insomnia, Parkinson’s, arthritis, cancer (research being investigated into potential benefits), depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, multiple sclerosis, and glaucoma. A study conducted in 2012 actually found that marijuana can alleviate the damage done to lungs via smoking cigarettes. It is generally accepted that smoking of all kinds is bad for the lungs and it is surprising that marijuana reverses the negative impact caused by big tobacco. Additionally, according to many studies, marijuana is a potent pain reliever and has been linked to decreased joint inflammation.

Cannabis and Schizophrenia

Along with all the ailments listed above, cannabis is currently being investigated for its ability to treat schizophrenia. It must be said that the link between cannabis and schizophrenia is more complicated than it seems. Some research suggests that the people who have schizophrenia are genetically more predisposed to smoke cannabis and that in some cases cannabis use may even trigger schizophrenia. This is hotly debated within the scientific community, and the idea that weed may trigger schizophrenia is shaky at best. But there is not enough research to suggest the opposite, that cannabis use causes schizophrenia. In fact, new research is demonstrating that while marijuana is not yet proven effective at treating schizophrenia, there is no definitive link between marijuana consumption and schizophrenia, as previously thought.

Why is Cannabis so beneficial for health?

The main reason attributed to the many health benefits of cannabis is THC, the psycho active compound found in cannabis. When set alight, THC arises in the form of smoke which is then inhaled by the smoker. THC is one of over 80 psychoactive compounds found in marijuana. Cannabis does have an impact on the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is involved in neurotransmission and assists in regulating functions including cognition, emotion, and sleep. The endocannabinoid system is also involved in the development of schizophrenia, yet the relationship is unclear.

It is important to understand that the way that weed is ingested is almost as important as the quality of the weed itself. There is a large difference between using a bong, a vaporizer and a joint. Most of the scientific research indicates that vaporizing weed is a far safer method of inhalation, than combustion associated with smoking joints or cigarettes. This is because when marijuana is combusted in the form of smoke the temperature is higher. This higher temperature means that harmful toxins are carried inside the smoke and into the lungs of the consumers. Over time, this results in adverse health effects. By contrast, vaporization uses lower temperatures which gently release the THC from the plant.

Positive Health

Marijuana is not just good at treating or even preventing diseases. There are positive dimensions to health that are rarely considered, and staving off disease is really just a foundation for perfect health. Cannabis has also been shown to be quite effective at helping with weight and metabolism. It might seem odd that a plant that is notorious for giving people the “munchies” (voracious appetites where cannabis consumers eat copious amounts of foods, mainly snacks) can actually help people lose weight. But you can easily see that most weed consumers are slimmer than their sober counterparts. Marijuana has been shown to effectively regulate insulin production, which helps to regulate metabolism and weight.

Cannabis is also well known to stimulate creativity as well as help focus in certain areas. While weed is not effective at improving short term memory (it actually decreases short term memory) it is effective for people who need to come up with creative solutions, which is useful in some tests. The stereotype of cannabis users being dumb may not have all that much substance to it. Studies have also shown that cannabis use can be a wonderful alternative to previous addictions. In this way, it is actually a gateway drug away from more serious drugs.

This is at odds with previous statements from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who intends to crack down on marijuana users and distributors due to an alleged link between marijuana and violent crime. Sessions had stated that marijuana was a gateway drug to more serious materials and is using this premise to crack down on perceived illegitimate use.

Marijuana and Schizophrenia

It was once thought that cannabis use caused schizophrenia because a higher number of schizophrenic patients smoked marijuana. This was a false conclusion, as new research is suggesting that those people seem to smoke marijuana to alleviate their condition, and are genetically predisposed to do so.

While there is no conclusive evidence, either way, it seems more likely that marijuana is a good treatment for schizophrenia rather than a cause. Weed can be obtained from marijuana dispensary in Santa Monica or another online seller offering pot delivery.

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