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Cannabis Strain Recommendations for Beginners

Buying California weed is never an easy endeavor. There are so many different strains promising an even wider array of effects and medical uses. Beginners can find their first purchase extremely overwhelming. Most need help from a more experienced friend, or they rely on budtenders and online experts to give them some advice. Until you try a few strains and decide what you like, it may be wise to follow a guide.

Searching a Santa Monica Weed Dispensary

Walking into a cannabis dispensary in Santa Monica can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are hundreds of marijuana products available and they all have different purposes. If you are just starting out, always remember that Sativa strains give you energy and Indica strains make you sleepy. With that general rule in mind, here are some good introductory strains for newbies:

God Bud

God Bud Strain

God Bud is a lucrative cash crop for growers. It’s dense buds are potent and famous statewide. THC levels can exceed 22 percent, making it important for beginners to start slowly and consume in moderation. As an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, God Bud will relax you and create a tranquil atmosphere, but it can be mildly hallucinogenic if you are not careful.

White Fire

White Fire Strain

White Fire is extremely potent and probably not ideal for beginners. However, its euphoric effects are so beloved by everyone that you simply must try it. Just be intelligent about your consumption, as THC levels can measure at 28 percent. This Sativa-dominant strain is a bestseller, and because of its potency, it is highly psychoactive.

Chemdawg 91

Chemdawg 91 Strain

Chemdawg 91 is another potent strain with THC levels measuring 24 percent or higher. It’s unknown origins are suspiciously Thai landrace, which means a Sativa-dominant strain of pure quality. Chemdawg 91 has a pungent aroma resembling diesel, but it promises a tasty lemon and pine flavor. Newbies should use cautiously, and only during the day. If taken before bed, you will be up for hours.

Yoda OG Kush

Yoda OG Kush Strain

Yoda OG Kush is an iconic Indica-dominant strain. With THC levels frequently measuring at 28 percent, this is among the fastest-acting, longest-lasting, and quickest-selling strains of all time. It is quite a potent sedative, making it ideal for pain relief, muscle relaxation, and total bed rest. If you consume Yoda OG Kush during the day, then consider postponing any important obligations you may have planned.


blueberry Strain

Blueberry is a world-famous strain most known for its potency. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup twice in 2000, for “Best Indica” and “Best Overall Strain.” Expect THC levels of around 24 percent, and do not be surprised if you come across many variations of it during your cannabis career. This strain is so popular that it is now parent to a variety of hybrid strains.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue Strain

Another extremely powerful strain that beginners should use with caution, Gorilla Glue is an Indica-dominant hybrid with both relaxing and uplifting effects. If you have not yet heard of “couchlock,” you will know all about it after a puff or two of this. Gorilla Glue is a tranquilizer that will keep you glued to your bed or couch, so save it for nights in or weekends at home.

Grand Daddy Purple

grand daddy purple

Grand Daddy Purple is another beloved Indica-dominant strain. It contains as much as 25 percent THC, making it very potent. It’s unique effects and sweet smell secure its popularity among patients, but it also has the potential to cause long-lasting couchlock. As a powerful muscle relaxant, Grand Daddy Purple is suitable for treating muscular and neurological disorders.


Tangie Strain

Tangie is an evenly balanced hybrid, with equal Sativa and Indica genes. It is fast becoming another bestseller for its high concentrations of cannabinoids. With THC levels often reaching 24 percent, Tangie is an effective all-rounder. It relaxes body and mind without fogging the brain, making it suitable for use during day and night. This strain is particularly useful for treating arthritic pain, depression, and nausea.

White Widow

White Widow Strain

White Widow’s global fan base just keeps growing. This is, without doubt, one of the most popular strains in Santa Monica. With its origins in the Netherlands, this Sativa-dominant strain has dense, heavily crystallized trichomes. It will make you feel creative, sociable, energetic, giggly, and non-stop talkative. It will also lower pain, boost mood, and improve your appetite.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost Strain

As an A+ rated strain, Jack Frost is famous wherever you go. It is Sativa-dominant with potent genetics and an intoxicating citrus aroma. THC content of Jack Frost is typically upward of 22 percent, so it will make you exceptionally stoned. Fortunately, its effects are happy, social, and ideal for daytime use. Patients love its promise of euphoria, and it will keep you active for hours.

Marijuana Delivery in Santa Monica

Legitimate patients can buy marijuana online and have it delivered within 45 minutes. Beginners will need to register with an online weed dispensary and upload their doctor’s letter of recommendation. Once done, you can buy any of the above-mentioned strains. As your tolerance grows and you learn what works best for you, there are many other, more potent medical strains available for you to try.

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