Cannabis Tinctures and Topicals

Cannabis Tinctures and Topicals – Everything You Need to Know

Within the US, recreational cannabis is legal in the 8 States of Oregon, Washington, Colorado, California, Nevada, Maine, Alaska, and Massachusetts. Medical marijuana is legal in 29. You can buy marijuana online if you are in a State where it is legal. And with the rise in legalization comes the rise in all things cannabis related. Cannabis is going to be a huge boost to the economy. You can Figures estimated sales of marijuana to be in the region of $50 Billion, with most of this being taken up with the black market at present. Which basically means that all of the money that is currently the black market is going to go to legitimate businesses. And it does not just go to Federal and State treasuries either, as it is expected to be a huge boon to local businesses.

The Wonders of Marijuana

One industry which is already set to take over the market is cannabis tinctures and topicals. The applications of cannabis are staggering. Marijuana is a remarkably versatile product with a variety of uses. It has so many therapeutic benefits but we are really only beginning to discover the applications of marijuana. We are in the midst of a scientific revolution in terms of the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Aside from simply inhaling cannabis there are an infinite amount of ways which it can be applied. One example which comes to mind is oils which are infused with cannabis. These oils can be applied topically by skilled therapists.

But it important to be aware that the market is new. And while cannabis legalization is wonderful for all, the regulatory infrastructure is simply not there and not all new products are going to be 100% pure and uncontaminated. Some caution is necessary and it will take a while so that the best of the best can come to the fore. The marketplace is the ultimate regulator of good and bad products. If a product is good then people will write about it online and on reviews which will create a feedback loop. In contrast, it can take a while for bad or contaminated products to be spotted. In many cases, it can take years.

Cannabis Tinctures and Topicals

A tincture is essentially a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol. Tinctures are thousands of years old and were in popular use before the age of modern medicine. In this instance, the drug would be cannabis (though alcohol technically fulfills the criteria of a drug). The first thing you need to consider about cannabis topicals and tinctures is the percentage count. This is actually what has to be considered in terms of all tinctures. Sometimes the percentage of the actual active component is so low that it is not worth buying. 1% THC and 0.1% THC infused are both THC infused tinctures. But one is most likely ten times more potent that the other if all variables remain constant.

A topical is usually a mix of items which in this case will contain some cannabis. The difference is that tinctures are more highly concentrated and only a few drops are necessary. Topicals can be applied topically and include lotions and creams. Tinctures can be used to make topicals, and tinctures can be applied topically sometimes, though direct ingestion is usually more potent and what tinctures are designed for, by placing a few drops under the tongue.

Topically applied marijuana is not as potent as other forms of ingestion, but can be quite effective at treating wounds and also useful where the consumer wants to remain relaxed without the risk of getting high. Topicals do not breach the skin so the THC does not get infused into the bloodstream. There are also quite a large number of people, particularly hospital patients and the elderly, who would not be able to handle the psychoactive aspect of directly inhaled THC. Topicals provide an effective remedy. Cannabis has been used topically for centuries before it became outlawed in Western society for no discernable reason.

Tinctures and topicals are both extremely effective with little side effects. Tinctures in particular are combinations of beneficial plant elements with alcohol left to sit for weeks. It is completely clean and pure. Topicals are synergistic combinations of organic remedies in combination with marijuana extracts. Some of the common benefits of cannabis topicals include treatment for burns, pain management, anti-inflammatory capabilities, treatment for skin infections, an increase of sexual pleasure, a treatment for skin cancer and other skin diseases and an improvement of skin elasticity.
One trick is to look for MCT oil in both tinctures and topicals. MCT oil has burst onto the scene in the last 5 years or so as a superfood with many health benefits. It is very hard to obtain from food (only found in coconuts in small quantities) but is excellent for brain health and for the absorption of other minerals and nutrients. It will go well with THC in terms of absorption.

Buying Cannabis Tinctures and Topicals

You can purchase a topical or tincture to attain all the benefits of cannabis without being placed at risk of getting high. You can also get marijuana from cannabis dispensary in Santa Monica and other popular marijuana destinations.

It should be borne in mind that tinctures and topicals come in all shapes and sizes with different percentages and different strains of marijuana. Experimentation is the only way to discover what works for you.

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