Decriminalization of Weed: A Suitable Approach to end Police Crackdowns on Weed in Europe

Europe has experienced a positive trend in reforms concerning the uses of marijuana among its people. However in recent times, such efforts have been challenged in some nations in the region. Today, marijuana is apparently in bad shape. One Montel Williams in Germany at the Frankfurt airport was waived being in possession of medical marijuana, which he proved to be so. However in some of the countries in Europe, the police have been in pursuit of large-scale marijuana plantations, particularly in 2016. The most affected countries in Europe are Albania and Spain even though the reasons behind the pursuits may be different.

Marijuana Contests in Spain
Spain is on the verge of gaining victory over marijuana uses in the country as reported from reform activists. For a number of years now, the country has been fighting with the legalization and use of cannabis. Just like is the case in Holland, there are a lot of grey areas and users are not sure of what to believe as far as the uses of medical marijuana are concerned. For instance, private, non-profit making consumption clubs are not technically banned and legalization to accept them as legal outlets is now being deliberated upon. The police have particularly focused on plantations that have been giving these clubs the support needed to continue with operations. This has been compared to a situation where a bakery has been legalized but again not allowed to engage in the real process of baking bread.

The much needed reforms in Spain would require a look into ways of striking the line between recreational uses of marijuana and medical cannabis even before thinking of opening a medical dispensary.  This will help in legalizing both clubs and the growing of weed, which up to date is not yet fully worked on. With all these challenges, the focus is now shifting to the developments taking place in the market. The main objective as of now is to have enough weed grows that can suffice the needs of the clientele for the clubs. From the look of things, one can only believe that the action taken by the police is to remind the masses that even if marijuana uses will be permitted, they will be under strict market regulations.

Albania’s Case of Marijuana Use
The case is much different in Albania because reforms are far out of reach for now. The country is branded as the center of illegal marijuana production in Europe and at the same time, the gateway for other drugs through Latin America and Asia. Due to these connotations, Albanian authorities have increasingly continued to do major crack downs for the last three years. This is done in what looks like the drug war existing in Mexico and the United States some years ago.  As a result, the farmers in Albania don’t have many choices left to offer support to their much loved families and the need for marijuana uses in this region, which is a 25-30 billion dollar market per year.

Addressing these Challenges in Europe
The crackdown by police from time to time in the affected areas in Europe does not seem to bear any significant results. Decriminalization of cannabis in Europe would by far be the best solution to end this problem as supported by experts. Countries like the United States seem to be a good example to these struggling countries and apparently, things may just work out in the end. However, freedoms come with limitations in order for them to work effectively. Therefore, it is highly proposed that the legalization comes with strict regulations on where to buy marijuana and for what use. Countries such as Italy, Germany and the UK are taking the lead on th

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