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Why Are Most Dispensaries Not Selling Pre-Ground Cannabis?

Cleaning weed can be bothersome. When every turn of the grinder requires painstaking patience against the resistance of fresh, resinous, sticky buds, you may wonder why your dispensary is not selling pre-ground cannabis. If every smoker endures this frustration, then surely there is a market for weed that comes ready to smoke? It would be convenient, sure, but pre-ground remains a rare commodity.

Why is this? Heavy marijuana consumers would certainly benefit from Santa Monica weed dispensaries selling pre-ground cannabis. You can find ground or whole bean coffee at most grocery stores. Peppercorns and most everything that can be ground is freely available everywhere. Except for marijuana. It is much harder to find pre-ground weed, even if you can find varieties of the pre-rolled joint. There are two reasons for this:

Potency of Marijuana

The main reason that cannabis flowers come whole is to preserve their potency. When you grind marijuana, it exposes more of its surface area to heat, oxygen, and light, all of which will speed decomposition and degrade the plant’s crucial chemical compounds. Intact buds provide better protection from this, and it prevents any harm to cannabinoids, terpenes, THC and other molecules.

There is also the serious issue of trichomes. Grinding marijuana breaks them from the buds and releases their precious properties. For this reason, it is always advisable to grind your weed at the last possible moment before you consume it. This way it stays as potent as possible, and you can add all the loose kief to your joints and pipes. Invest in a kief catcher for this purpose. Some grinders have them built in.

Freshness of Marijuana

The moment you crush or grind weed, you can smell it. The aromatic buds fill your nostrils and can permeate an entire room in seconds. What you smell are terpenes, which are the fragrant oils responsible for giving different strains of cannabis their different flavors, from the gasoline smell of Sour Diesel to the berry taste of Granddaddy Purple and the lemon flavor of Lemon Haze.

Because terpenes are extremely volatile, they dissipate quickly. Grinding cannabis speeds up their release, as well as the degradation process. Within a few minutes of grinding weed, it starts to lose its freshness. This is true of any ground products, which is why coffee connoisseurs buy the whole bean and only grind it just before drinking it. Just as freshly ground tastes better to them, so does marijuana.

Searching a Marijuana Dispensary in Santa Monica

Most cultivators would never pre-grind their buds unless destined for the high-quality pre-roll market. However, this does not mean that you cannot get ground marijuana at your nearest dispensary. Some sell “shake,” which is loose cannabis crumbs that break off from the main colas, or buds. Although shake is not as potent as intact buds, it is cheaper and works well for both joints and making cannabis oil.

In the very near future, hopefully, weed may become as commonplace and acceptable as coffee. When this happens, more dispensaries will be able to cater to those who prioritize time over bud freshness. Until then, however, most people squirm at the idea of pre-grinding top quality buds for convenience sake. For now, you will have to clean your own buds, and here are some good ways to do it:

Use a Grinder

Grinders are very helpful. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, from wood to metal and even plastic. Always look for one that has a kief catcher when shopping around for something to help prepare your weed. Grinders are very easy to use. You just place your buds inside, close it firmly, and twist it several times, or until your weed is as you want it.

Use Scissors

Another easy way to clean marijuana is to chop it with a pair of clean scissors. The sticky resin will glue to the blades, which you can scrape off easily for later use. You can hold your buds with your fingers, but most prefer to use a shot glass. You can use your fingers, and in fact, many prefer to, but you lose a lot of terpenes, cannabinoids, and THC in this way.

Use a Pizza Slicer

Many people use a pizza slicer to cut up their weed and break it down for use. The method works very well if you use a proper ‘plate.’ Paper will not work, so you should use a wooden chopping board for best results. You can use a porcelain plate, but most consumers prefer solid wood. Using a pizza slicer can be dangerous if you are not careful, particularly after a potent hit of medical-grade cannabis.

Use a Coffee Grinder

If you have a lot of marijuana to prepare, then consider using a coffee grinder or some type of food processor. This is, without a doubt, the easiest, most convenient way to clean your weed. Many weed experts use this method exclusively, as it automates the entire process. Coffee grinders and food processors will grind your weed finely, quickly, and consistently.

Use a Grater

Also called micro planes, graters are much safer than knives, scissors, and pizza cutters. Grating your cannabis will make for a finely ground end-product ideal for rolling joints and loading bowls. Graters come in all manner of sizes and shapes, and most people have one or two lying around unused. Microplanes can help you clean large quantities of marijuana in half the time of most other methods.

Marijuana Delivery in Santa Monica

High-quality pre-rolled joints are available for delivery to patients in Santa Monica. They will receive them in less than 45 minutes of ordering online, and they can find shake on offer too. However, because dispensaries are not selling pre-ground cannabis, it may be a good idea to invest in a grinder of your own. You should be able to find several different types at a licensed and reputable online weed shop.

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