Exploring Medical Marijuana Recommendation and Health Insurance in Santa Monica

Will insurers cater for your medical weed bills? This has been a highly contested issue in the wake of continued cannabis reforms. For many visiting a marijuana dispensary in Santa Monica, they wouldn’t mind getting financial boost from their medical insurance schemes. However, has the case been realized? Early this year, a disabled man in New Mexico expressed full support for medical weed as he explained to lawmakers how the herb helped him deal with chronic back pain. Based on such facts, state legislators thought of having a bill supported by workers’ compensation insurers in order to exempt them from making payment for medical cannabis. Medical weed users have reported positive developments on their health after taking cannabis products. More than that, they feel that weed is far much better than conventional prescription drugs. The case is not different in California. Everybody wishes that their insurance companies would pay up their medical weed bills. For this New Mexico case, the disabled man, formerly an automobile body worker succeeded in getting his medical weed covered through insurance.


The irony of the matter is: Insurers have no problem catering for expenses on opioids while patients are not comfortable using them. Most patients prefer medical weed to prescription drugs and that is why there is a pursuit for insurance companies to consider paying up for medical weed expenses. For insurers and businesses, the matter is slowly intensifying with the various ballot victories that were experienced during the 2016 elections. Insurance coverage stands out as one of the issues being talked about along with workplace safety and employee drug testing. Cannabis laws have gone through a number of changes and users today can access marijuana delivery online as a result. In the same manner, insurance coverage will just be another milestone to be achieved for all weed users in the near future.


Any hope for insurance settling medical marijuana bills?

Just in the recently concluded elections, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada passed the use of recreational weed.  Other states such as Florida, Montana, Arkansas and North Dakota passed medical marijuana bills. Presently, 28 states in America allow medical cannabis use with 8 of them allowing recreational marijuana consumption. These developments are the only hope for medical marijuana users. As weed continues to be widely accepted in America for medical reasons, insurance companies may consider their stand. Hopefully, patients will be able to use their insurance in any marijuana dispensary in Santa Monica. The pressure coming from individual states is mounting on the federal government and maybe, further reforms may be seen especially coming from the national government.


Who would have thought that there would once be marijuana delivery online? So, it is not over until it is over. From the look of things, we are getting into a conflict between a highly regulated workplace and a social policy decision. These were views expressed by the chief executive officer in charge of the California Workers’ Compensation Institute. This research organization believes that part of the problem revolves around unclear science concerning medical cannabis benefits or basically the various cannabinoids compounds found in weed.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has certified a synthetic type of a cannabinoid and a drug of the same nature for limited use: in the treatment of nausea among chemotherapy patients or for appetite stimulation in AIDS patients. Ideally, health insurances can cater for cannabis-related medicine only for the uses approved by the FDA.  However, state medical weed regulations normally allow doctors to give recommendation for weed to a patient found with debilitating health condition. This includes such conditions as cancer, glaucoma and chronic pain. Will the stand-off between medical weed and insurance be fully settled? We can only wait as changes start to creep in.

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