Marijuana hangover

How to Get Rid of a Marijuana Hangover?

There is no doubt that at some point, you woke up to find yourself with a marijuana hangover. So, how do you get to deal with it? Compared to any alcohol hangover, no one would want to have a hangover longer than necessary. The marijuana hangover would be characterized by having a dry mouth and a lingering headache the following morning. This can make a person have quite a hard time functioning unless the hangover is dealt with. If you keep on smoking too much of poor quality weed, you can expect to get these hangovers more often. Here are a few methods you could use when it comes to dealing with the marijuana hangover.

Drink weed recovery drinks

Any marijuana dispensary in Santa Monica would have the right medical marijuana you need, but would not have the hangover drinks. You have to make such drinks at home using various supplies. You have to make sure that the drinks are natural juices to help with the recovery process. You can make the juice from orange, tomato, banana, and cranberry.

Having mineral water in the house can also help with calming the hangover. You might have to drink 3 liters of the natural juice and mineral water. The combination is good for flushing the bad stuff that might have mixed with the weed.

It is possible that some dealers would add other stuff so that they can increase the quantity of the weed. This makes it give you the bad hangover. The pure weed would have less hangover as compared to one with a lot of fillers.

Take vitamins for the marijuana hangover

It is common to find many people using pain killers and other drugs to help with dealing with the hangover. This will just make you have more drugs in your body. The best option would be getting some vitamins inside the body. The pain killers do not always do much when it comes to dealing with marijuana hangovers.

The work of vitamins is to help with recovering naturally and get to boost your energy levels. You might feel weak and lazy when you use bad weed. This ensures that you get to enjoy some bursts of energy when you have more vitamins in the body.

Getting high doses of vitamin C could come in handy to help with the hangover. If you do not have them, then eat some oranges to get vitamins into your body.

The best could be when you have plenty of Oxygenating Multivitamin Drink Powder in your house. This means that you can always use the vitamins when you have a weed hangover.

Get a lot of air to help recover faster

A cannabis dispensary in Santa Monica might not always have the cure for your hangover, but having lots of air could help with recovering from the hangover fast. Staying in your room with the windows closed does not always help getting over the hangover. You will always feel depressed and might take a day or so to get better from the hangover.

Your body needs some fresh oxygen so that it can recovery fast. It is the same reason oxygen is commonly used in hospitals to help the patients recover faster. Walk around the yard to expose your body to the best air so that you can enjoy some good relaxation. The next time you sleep, make sure to keep the window slightly open so that you get a continuous supply of fresh air all the time while sleeping.

Eating food to get better

You will have to eat food to help get over the hangover. The work of the food is to help with boosting the blood sugar levels. There is no doubt you will feel better when you get to do this. With the energy levels returned to normal, you will always have better metabolism. This is what leads to normal conditions in no time.

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