Get the Truth about Medical Marijuana in the United States Instead of Ridiculing the Users

For many years, marijuana has been a subject of discussion in the U.S. As a result, many government agencies plus other organizations have been staunchly supporting its ban. In fact, it has been illegal for all people and anyone found trafficking or using it would be punished and sentenced to a term depending on the weight of the matter. Things have, however, changed, and there seems to be a strong wave in favor of the drug. Many states now have changed their stance and legalized the use of cannabis for recreational and medical use. Some people, however, seem to be still living in the past and are ridiculing the users of the drug. Could it have come as a result of lack of knowledge about the usefulness of the drug medically? Well, we can’t tell, but that must be one of the reasons.

Traditionally, education campaigns about marijuana were characterized by misinformation that led to the illegalization of its cultivation, trafficking, and manufacture of products using it as a raw material. Despite the changes that have taken place over the years, it’s still clear that many people remain uneducated about the usefulness of marijuana when it comes to the treatment of some health conditions most importantly those that cause a lot of pain. So who has not done the right job to educate people so that they change their attitude about this drug that has been decriminalized for decades? Is it the government, the medical practitioners or who? As we wait to see the state agency that will do the job, we should at the moment dig deep to get facts about the drug. The time for derision and rumor mongering is over.

Instead if ridiculing the users, the best thing that every stakeholder should do is get facts about the substance, the importance of using it and, of course, the laws surrounding its use. Contrary to the old belief that the drug is more harmful than any other drug, the fact is that it has been proven scientifically that it’s useful and can be used for medical purposes. Nowadays you can go to a doctor and get a prescription of cannabis especially if you are suffering from a condition that causes a lot of pain. Some of the common ones include Nausea, HIV, Cancer, Pain, Arthritis, Spasticity, Anorexia, Epilepsy, Glaucoma and many others. When you are suffering from any of these conditions, marijuana can be of great help to you. However, ensure you get your doctor’s advice before you start using it. With all these facts, do we still need to carry out campaigns saying that the drug is harmful? Well, while an overdose can cause harm the fact is that it’s also useful in suppressing pain caused by any of the mentioned conditions.

All the false claims that have been there for many years about cannabis are no doubt intellectually dishonest. They were only outrageous claims aimed and making sure that the drug is avoided and even stopped from being produced. Things have changed, and as already said, very soon, we’ll begin seeing the positive side of using this drug that’s now the most cultivated and processed in some states such as California and others. With the passing of the law that made it legal for medical and recreational use, we are going to see a rapid increase in the number of gardens growing the drug. Besides that, we’ll also see an increase in the number of dispensaries and individuals dealing with the drug. Remember that though the law has been passed, it’s not yet time to fully swing into the industry. But as per the happenings now, we can say that things are shaping up.

Now that medical and recreational marijuana is legal like alcohol and other substances, we need to clear the old unfounded claims about the drug. Just imagine your doctor prescribing it to you, and you have the belief that it’s harmful! Even if the drug would have been of great help to you, you won’t benefit much from it because you don’t believe in its healing power. That’s what all of us have to deal with and get the truth about cannabis especially the role it plays medically. We need to start treating it like any other useful drug. That way, we’ll give it the right picture and place not only in the medical field but also among other drugs. Remember that for a long time the drug has been in one category with the illegal ones such as cocaine and heroin among others. That’s not its rightful place. It’s now useful and can be prescribed by a doctor.

With all that said, let’s not forget that we need to campaign for its use responsibly. The fact that it has been made legal does not mean we overdose it or expose our kids to it. As already said, one should only make use of it after getting approval from a doctor. Once approved, one should also ensure that their supplier is a legit seller of cannabis products. With that, marijuana will no doubt get its rightful place in the area of medicine. The law surrounding it explains what you need to do to get licensing and the circumstances that require its use.

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