High-end Marijuana for the Rich

Interesting: the subscription box trade is really growing big. Today, Americans are signing up to receive customized packages on a monthly basis. This is provided at a rate that is believed to be yielding about $5 billion on an annual basis. Cannabis is a natural for this kind of business model. Most importantly, it is still a furtive purchase for many users even in places where it has been legalized. Additionally, there is a swing of emerging products in the promising pot industry. For these products, the average pot lover cannot manage without getting inside guidance. Luxury subscription services provide these products to high-end customers in attractive packaging. Chris Husong, who is the founder of Club M in the state of California, has been selling out curated marijuana products to 300 subscribers on a monthly basis from October 2015.  Husong markets these boxes as “not for pot heads” and stated that his first “regular” subscription provisions beginning at $100 per month with a choice of edibles, flowers, tools and concentrates were not enough. Consumers quickly started clamoring for a lot more luxury weed and accessories.

In one month, the company made shipments for limited offers of $1,000 of two different varieties to 20 consumers. One product was packaged in a smell-proof stash-box that was lockable and made of aged wine barrels with various compartments containing marijuana products such as candies, flowers, drinks, joints, chocolates, oils and sleep aids among others. Packaging for ladies was however different but stylish too. It was a bohemian fashion leather purses, free of scent and stuffed with marijuana. The dealer reported that members were always on the lookout for perfect moments, and this subscription in this service makes such moments exceedingly elegant. The belief is that, consumers use cannabis to help in creativity and in wellness rather than for relieving pain. Still, they should have a medical cannabis recommendation in order for them to qualify for the subscription and be ready to pay for the high-end natural medicine.

Club M subscribers of whom 60% are women seem to be prepared to pay. The company will in the coming year provide a subscription to themed limited offers for $1,000 on for every three months. This package would feature products created or endorsed by those who love celebrity tree. Husong won’t show who is taking part in it and speculating it would be unwise given the number of stars who are getting started with marijuana businesses. Lesser-outspoken personalities are also coming up with their own ventures. For instance, Jessica Versteeg, the former Miss Iowa and a model too launched the Au Box, which is a subscription service making marijuana delivery for female weed customers.  She said that she wanted to form a luxury experience that will change people’s perception about marijuana. These are the days for online sale of marijuana and Jessica is using social media platforms to advance it. This is built on the premise that premium marijuana can be an uncomfortable nuisance and therefore, subscription boxes are aimed at making life a little easier through the delivery of quality weed products at a customer’s home each month.

Companies have started to ship marijuana products in this form and it is now taking the cannabis industry by storm. For those who are willing to spend more for a more convenient and safe delivery of marijuana, the choices are increasing with time. This is part of the changes that are widely expected in the industry and there is yet more to come. Meanwhile, customers will continue to get online marijuana delivery when they need it. Life has never been this exciting before.

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