What you need to know about medical marijuana in Santa Monica

What you Need to Know about Medical Marijuana in Santa Monica

Did you know that the cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana possess some medicinal value? Medical marijuana in Santa Monica is used treat patients suffering from various diseases like cancers and seizures. The use of medical marijuana has currently been legalized in about 23 states with California being in the count. Despite the unclear approval of the drug as a medical treatment, patients in Santa Monica use medical marijuana for treatment. Medical marijuana treats nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, depression, and even seizures. The medicinal components in marijuana have even proved to be helpful for patients suffering from glaucoma.

Medical Marijuana for Healing

Medical marijuana in Santa Monica is mainly used for the healing benefits it brings to patients. Major cases where it is used by patients include; cancer suffering patients undergoing the chemotherapy treatment. These patients usually experience pain during this treatment process. They therefore use medical marijuana to help with nausea as well as to reduce the chronic pains they get. Patients suffering from seizures equally use medical marijuana for their treatment. They thus use marijuana high on CBD and low on THC to calm the psychoactive part of the brain. Patients that deal with neuropathic pain from surgery or trauma admit to experiencing less pain when they used medical marijuana.

Conditions like glaucoma require further research. However, study shows that marijuana helped in reducing the intraocular eye pressure for about three to four hours. Medical marijuana also helps in regulating metabolism, insulin level, and arthritis.

Medical Marijuana Products

Do you have to smoke medical marijuana for its healing properties? No, you don’t. There are a number of medical marijuana products that a patient may choose from. In Santa Monica, products range from marijuana concentrates, indica flower strains, CBD, Sativa flower strains, topical, gears, and marijuana edibles. Therefore, a patient may choose the product that best suits them. Medical marijuana in Santa Monica may be bought from local dispensaries or even online. The online purchase of medical marijuana is fast becoming a reliable source. It helps patients evade traffic and still get their medical marijuana on time.

Medical marijuana prices range from the type of product you are purchasing from the size of that particular product. This may be a price range from about $15 to $60. Medical marijuana is usually measured in grams. A medical marijuana patient is allowed to purchase 28 grams of marijuana on a single day from a particular seller. This law, however, does not restrict the number of sellers you may go to in a day.

Medical Marijuana Regulations

To be eligible to either buy or sell medical marijuana, one has to be authorized by the state. In Santa Monica, medical marijuana seeking patients need a medical marijuana identity card so as to buy medical marijuana. The medical marijuana ID card may only be acquired if the person has a recommendation from a medical marijuana specialist. You also need to be suffering from a real and actual disease that is treatable by marijuana like cancer, seizures or depression. The medical marijuana identification card acts as proof that the law authorizes you for the consumption of the drug. This card also helps you easily access medical marijuana anywhere and at any time in Santa Monica.

For medical marijuana sellers, a license needs to be possessed. This also proves that the medical marijuana products being sold have been certified and are good for consuming by patients.

Despite having a medical marijuana identity card, patients are prohibited from buying medical marijuana in places considered illegal. They can only buy from licensed and authorized dispensaries. In a case where a patient is found purchasing marijuana from illegal grounds, the patient may be prosecuted. Therefore, the medical marijuana laws and regulations in Santa Monica are to be followed to the letter.

Medical Marijuana Impacts

The use of medical marijuana has been noted to give users short memory loss. This means that users may fail to remember what they did at a certain time frame. It mostly happens when they were high on the marijuana. There are also possibilities of addiction by users. The long-term effects of medical marijuana such as how it affects the human brain have not been evaluated.

Marijuana is still considered as a Schedule 1 drug that is still undergoing research. However, a significant number of people in Santa Monica have decided to take advantage of its capabilities while they can. Medical marijuana proves to be a drug that brings more positive impact than the negative. It is definitely a hope for a majority that the full capabilities of marijuana may be made visible sooner. This will, in turn, make the known illegal drug legal in not only a few states but the whole world.


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