Pot under Trump: What will happen?

The subject of marijuana under the new presidency has been highly contested over the last few weeks. Well, days have passed and soon it will be a reality. Have we heard of any new developments yet? President-elect Donald Trump has openly expressed support for the decriminalization of medical marijuana products. However, he left the matter to be addressed through individual states that have been given the go-ahead to enact their own laws and regulations concerning recreational weed.  All the same, there are fears amongst some weed entrepreneurs that the fast-growing cannabis industry could be impacted negatively through Trump’s close advisors who have lobbied against cannabis over the years. Led by the Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, appointed to be the attorney general, these anti-marijuana activists pose a threat to this growing industry. Once confirmed, Sessions could start fighting the industry. However, Trump’s priority is on issues of immigration and the building of the economy and therefore, he may not have time for marijuana-related issues because they are linked with state laws.

As of now, marijuana remains illegal at the federal level but if the issue of job creation was anything to go buy, then Trump’s administration is most likely to consider this promising industry. It depends on how they see it. Different weed-friendly states are benefiting from marijuana tax revenues and are using the funds for the public good. Following the example of Colorado, such states as California may invest the money in education and in building infrastructure for the welfare of the public. Additionally, many other people have benefited from various job opportunities popping up within the industry and from other auxiliary services needed by entrepreneurs in the marijuana business.

The alarmist perception in the cannabis industry is that of the price tagged on a number of stamps where the incoming Attorney General may dispatch threatening sanctions to attorney generals in marijuana-friendly states. The biggest conflict has always been between the laws of the different states and the federal regulations. Basically, government officials working in marijuana-friendly states may find it challenging to work under such environments where the national attorney general office promotes federal laws more than any other law in the country.  Well, these are only assessments about the turn of events looking at the people who are coming into office and their stand about marijuana. During one of his many forums, Trump pledged to hold meetings with his cabinet secretaries before any major policies can be implemented. A statement issued from Trump himself reported that this will be the first thing that the President-elect will do before letting them to run the different offices.

There is no way that the Attorney General heading the Justice Department will serve his own interests. He must abide by the will of the president. Therefore, Sessions will have nothing to do if Trump still holds his stand concerning marijuana as a matter left for the states to decide. Should this be the case, then marijuana entrepreneurs will confidently continue with cannabis operations effectively. For now, it is important to know that Trump is in 100% support of medical cannabis. Again, a good number of his supporters are strong advocates of cannabis. Therefore, it will not go well with Trump if he changes his position concerning medical marijuana. Another that may make the marijuana industry continue is the fact more than 50% of the states have established medical marijuana laws. To be exact, it is a total of 28 states. This is a big number to bring down. Fighting the marijuana industry may be political suicide looking at the success that was attained in the election that also brought Trump victory.

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