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Californians rely heavily on their ability to be creative and think outside of the box. The state has more artists than anywhere else in the world. From actors to musicians, painters, filmmakers, directors, writers, prop designers, costume creators, and everything between, creative strains are undeniably the biggest sellers in California. In fact, you can enter any dispensary and find several immediately on offer.

If you need a creative boost, then these are the six best marijuana strains for creativity:

  1. White Russian

Bred from White Widow and AK-47, White Russian is a potent, highly creative strain. With its origins in the Netherlands, this is the 1996 “Best Overall” Cannabis Cup winner. This strain is suitable for daytime use, as it is mentally focusing, uplifting, and euphoric. White Russian is popular strain in Hollywood, where many artists rely on it for creative inspiration.

  1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a particular favorite among artistic types. This potent hybrid promises a long, actively energizing Sativa buzz, but its Indica genetics guarantee a calmness to it. Wonder Woman is famous for its mental clarity and focus, as well as its motivating boost of creativity. You can use this strain during the day, as it is ideal for energetic commitments and work obligations.

  1. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is iconic for its taste, potency, and creative influence. The cerebral high of this strain is invigorating and relaxing to mind and body. Its effects are gentle, yet focused. Extremely popular among musicians, actors, and other artists, Blue Dream is a Californian favorite. You will not fall asleep on this strain, and its ability to energize makes it better for daytime use than before bedtime.

  1. White Skunk

Although White Skunk is an Indica-dominant hybrid, it is a bestseller for a variety of medical reasons. Its ability to create a sense of blissful mental relaxation makes it highly sought-after by creative types. The effects of White Skunk are introspective, and for many, this is the ideal mental state for creativity. It is also easy to grow and high yielding. Its buds are famously and incredibly dense.

  1. Willie Nelson

The 2005 “Best Sativa” Cannabis Cup winner, Willie Nelson is a legendary strain. Its large, dense flowers have a cult-like following. This Sativa strain makes unhappiness impossible. Ideal for daytime use, Willie Nelson is among the most mentally focusing, creativity enhancing, energetically motivating strains on the market, and it is a staple in every Californian artist’s medicine cupboard.

  1. White Haze

White Haze won the Cannabis Cup for “Best Sativa” back in 2002. It remains one of the most iconic strains available today and is famous among creative folk. It is energizing and focused. The mental clarity of White Haze makes any goal easily achievable, and its physical energy ensures completion of any project. Just avoid taking this strain before bed, as you will be up all night with creative plans.

Medical Marijuana Delivery in California

Online weed delivery is fast becoming the safest, most convenient, and most popular way to get medical marijuana in California. You can order weed online and receive it within 45 minutes of placing it. If you use a licensed, legitimate online cannabis dispensary, you can rest assured that you will receive only the highest quality, laboratory-tested medical-grade marijuana in California.

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