Here is why Trump Should Keep His Promise to Support the Marijuana Industry in the States

The marijuana industry has continued to grow enormously across the United States and most importantly, it has become a source of livelihood for many people. During the campaigns for the recently concluded elections in 2016, President-elect Donald Trump expressed his desire to create new job opportunities for the masses in a bid to build the economy of the United States and make America great again. Well, part of his plan is somehow being accomplished through the cannabis industry in the United States. As of now, customers can easily access a cannabis dispensary in Santa Monica and buy weed. Such businesses have promoted the lives of many who have been certified to conduct these operations. Ideally, the cannabis industry has created a lot of opportunities for many and it is amazing how about 300,000 people will find work in the California legal cannabis industry. If the creation of job opportunities is very dear to Trump, then he should turn to marijuana to solve part of the problems he wants to fix.


Today, there are people working in the cannabis industry to earn a living and support their families. It is a multifaceted business that involves the cultivation, transportation, manufacturing, distribution and sale of marijuana-related products. In the wake of pot legalization in various parts of America, other auxiliary services have come up to support it. The IT industry has been on the lead. Through IT and technology, we have seen the possibility of doing cannabis delivery online. Marijuana users don’t need to travel long distances to buy their weed anymore. All they do is get online and look for the best weed delivery service and buy their products. This has presented great opportunities for web developers and software engineers who have continued to positively impact the industry.


The weed industry needs the support of other industries and the companies making machines needed in the manufacturing, packaging, transportation and storage of marijuana have also found some job to do. It doesn’t end there. Analysts and quality control technicians have been employed within the industry to ascertain the THC content for different weed products. They have been very instrumental in enhancing the quality of marijuana products being sent out in the market. The industry has also employed very many sales people who have been doing the day-to-day sales and deliveries of weed to customers from different parts of the weed-friendly states. Due to the cash-based nature of the business, marijuana dispensaries cannot operate without security guards. These too have gotten employment from the weed industry.


Above all, the state government has benefited a lot from the weed industry. Marijuana-friendly states see weed as a big boost to their economy. In California alone, the expected annual tax revenue collections are approximated at $1 billion from the trade of legal cannabis in its first year. This figure has been determined for direct sales alone and has not factored in other related industries supplementing the efforts of marijuana industry. Those involved in the direct cultivation of marijuana have also made a lot of progress in life by engaging a well-paying industry. Farmers in this sector have reaped a lot from the weed trade. Still on the same issue, there has been a real estate boom for landlords and land owners. Due to the value attached to marijuana in modern days, land leases and use for the growing of marijuana have fetched good prices for the owners. In that case, land owners have had something to smile about and their land is now paying more than twice what they have been getting before. If Trump is serious about creating jobs, the marijuana industry is a must choice for him especially in states where weed is legalized.

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