University of Florida Has a Severe Pot Problem

The University of Florida welcomed famous rapper and music producer, Snoop Dogg, to perform on Flavet Field at Gator Growl, the institution’s annual Homecoming event, on Friday night. In predictable Snoop Dogg style, the man himself had what one can only assume was a big joint in hand, and not a cigarette implying tobacco either, but a clearly obvious spliff.

To put this into perspective: A man, and a black one, no less, was smoking marijuana openly on stage, on a university campus, in front of students, staff, and even law enforcement. When reporters tried to get comment from both Gator Growl officials and police officers, they unanimously pretended he was doing nothing of the sort by claiming it in all likelihood just a cigarette.

Despite the vacuum of prohibition we are now emerging from, this is actually a very big deal for the legalization movement. Snoop Dogg has long been advocating the use of marijuana publically and outspokenly. In fact, some might call his efforts a movement in their own right. Snoop Dogg has been normalizing recreational use for a long time already, frequently lighting up behind the camera.


His efforts are still growing: He owns a marijuana-centric, pseudo-journalistic website called Merry Jane. He has his own brand of “medical” pot called Leafs by Snoop. If you are able to visit his site, please do. It certainly is an experience, as the man truly knows his marijuana. His movement is gaining unstoppable momentum, which is particularly impressive for a man who claims to puff 80 joints every day.


If we do the math, that is a very big problem for the University of Florida. According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, one in 17 students at college are smoking weed almost daily, defined as smoking at least 20 days of the month. Now, we can make generous assumptions and equate that to 30 joints each month, since some smoke more than one at a time.


Currently, there are approximately 52,000 students making up the student body at the University of Florida. According to the above calculations, 3,058 students are smoking at least 30 joints every month, or one a day. We can even include President of the University of Florida, Kent Fuchs, to make that number 3,059.


Now, if Snoop Dogg is smoking 80 spliffs a day and the University of Florida Student Body is smoking 3,059 joints a day, then it would only require 38 pot smokers at Snoop Dogg’s level to smoke out the entirety of students at the University of Florida. This is an abysmal circumstance for the University to be in, as it clearly has some serious catching up to do.


By now, any credible university would be well out-smoking Snoop Dogg; some say by at least twice the magnitude, instead of the 1.58 it is at currently. If the university wants the world to take it seriously as an academic institution, it will need to improve its game. Fortunately, the state of Florida has been making it easier for students to catch up to Snoop Dogg over the last few years.


Lawmakers in Florida passed Amendment 2 in November last year, which allowed anyone suffering from cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s syndrome, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease to get a medical marijuana recommendation from their doctors to use pot legally.

If anyone knows someone suffering from one of these diseases but not consuming enough marijuana, then do not hesitate to demand increased use from them. Every bit helps. Additionally, Alachua County passed a law that decriminalizes the possession of pot, provided it is less than 20 grams. Even the County Sheriff’s Office and the Gainesville Police are helping students up their pot-smoking game.

Of course, those already smoking their daily blunts can do plenty to help others do the same. For one, they can spread the word by attending parties and passing that blunt around. Always have a lighter with you to help anyone who forgets, and learn to roll joints; use every social occasion as a teaching opportunity. Stay informed. Do some research and write to your local congressperson.

Most importantly, find your local dealers, the legal ones, that is, or even those on street corners, and thank them. Get in touch with them occasionally and let them know how much you appreciate the services they provide. Positive feedback can go a long way to ensuring students at the University of Florida does not lag behind others with their pot-smoking habits.

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