Why It Is Difficult to Predict What Trump Will Do with Marijuana Laws

You’ll agree with us that, indeed, figuring out Trump’s stance on any issue is an uphill task. Not only are his statements contradicting but also unpredictable. That’s why those supporting the legalization of marijuana can say that he supports the laws and support the claim with his quotes. On the contrary, someone can also argue that Trump is a non-supporter of the recently passed marijuana laws and still support with Trump’s past speeches. So will his presidency support or crackdown the legalization of the medical/recreational marijuana in more than half its states?

Cannabis advocates are very enthusiastic that the election of Republican’s Trump won’t impact the recent developments in the marijuana industry negatively. But will that be the case when he finally takes over as the U.S next president? Remember that he has been very ambiguous on this subject. Besides that, some if his close friends have been vocal in the resistance of the legalization of the medical marijuana. It now becomes difficult knowing the person we should believe. Should we take his words and assume that he will support the industry or should we go by the stance of his friends in the inner cycle who are against the passing of the laws legalizing marijuana?

States have, however, been given the mandate to either accept or reject the use of the drug for medical or recreational purposes. Even in his speeches, Trump himself has expressed his opinion severally that the task belongs to the states and it is upon them whether to accept the laws or reject them. It will be very interesting when Trump is finally in office. Will he keep up his unpredictability or he will come out clear and express himself whether he is to the laws or not? 2017 is here, and it’s just a matter of months before he assumes office. Indeed, the topic has been difficult to both the interested parties and even to analysts. To experts, the subject remains a hot debate whose end can only be reliably predicted once we test Trump’s presidency.

Washington post on the 29th, October 2015 quoted Trump giving his stand about the issue. “…leave it up to the states…” Trump said. In fact, this is the quote that many analysts who support the legalization use whenever they give their views about this much discussed and written topic. Looking at this quote and his other statements especially during the campaigns period, it is still difficult to give a specific answer on what Trump’s administration will do about the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana. What we can only hope for is that his term will support where it’s necessary and help fight the black market effects on this industry that’s beginning to take shape.

Since the role of drafting and passing such laws is largely the work of the state, we can expect that the recently passed laws legalizing medical marijuana will remain intact regardless of what the Trump presidency might support. It won’t be a matter of just saying and it happens. Remember that the legalization debate started many years ago. As such, the developments cannot be smashed one day, and we go back to square one. The state will have to take into consideration what the states are up to and whether the laws were passed by what the Constitution provides. So to the players who’ve been worried about what might happen once we have a new person in the top leadership of the U.S., then they shouldn’t be worried so much.

At this juncture, it’s still hard to tell what is going to happen following the legalization of marijuana and the coming in of a new administration. What the players in the industry should know is that there’s a need to make sure that all actions are done within the law. If you are ready to act as per the law states, you won’t have anything to worry about. On the other hand, engaging in bad practices will no doubt land you intro problems and penalties that might be heavy to bear. All these are avoidable things if you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and follow the law to the later. That’s the only way to get the assurance of surviving and thriving in the industry.
The question on whether or not the Trump’s presidency will support marijuana will be answered best once his cabinet is in place. When we reach there, we’ll then be able to predict reliably what he is likely to do with the law. His administration will, of course, take the time to understand the changing legal and cultural environment regarding marijuana as legal for medical purposes and recreation among adults. Let’s wait and see what will come next.

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